Samarkand Stitches

Artist: Robert Rauschenberg
TITLE: “Samarkand Stitches”
COMPLETE SUITE of 7. This lot offers the serious collector or institution to acquire the complete suite of 7 “Samarkand Stitches” by Robert Rauschenberg.

Screenprints in colors with collage, 1988, on fabric, with stitched signature and date, numbered 16 (the edition was 78 unique variants), published by Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles, with their stitched copyright, in very good condition.

Ikat silk fabrics imported from Samarkand were sewn together with domestic fabrics that had been screenprinted with photographic images taken during the artist’s travels to the former Soviet Union. The random ink colors and the assortment of Ikat fabrics are the unique elements among the individually assembled textiles. The pieces are backed with assemblages of domestic fabrics.
Fabric assembly was by Willy Bietak Productions. Each piece has an embroidered signature tag sewn to the recto and an embroidered Gemini identification tag sewn on the verso.
EST: $80,000-120,000